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Quick Start


With you can send data to three different end points using one of our pre-built packages, or by sending data straight to our API by coding it yourself.

  • Timed API: Here you either send a start and end message, or use a decorator to time any part of your code.
  • Metrics API: Here you send key value pairs to record any numerical value. This can be anything you can think of, from model accuracy to number of rows in a database table.
  • Exceptions: Here you can send any exceptions and their content.

The Timed and Metrics end points will automatically analyse your data and let you know all kinds of interesting and important information about your code. Trends, anomalies, changes in time, and much more.

To see how to authenticate and send data to the APIs, you can look at the examples in the repo linked below, or follow our detailed development guide, also linked below.

How to get started

Code examples on GitHub

Take a look at our hawkflow code examples repo.

Detailed development guide

Check out our detailed development guide here.