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Our Mission

To enable everyone that writes code to have effective, free monitoring at their fingertips.

What is is a new monitoring platform that makes it easier than ever to make monitoring part of your development process. Whether you are an Engineer, a Data Scientist, an Analyst, or anyone else that writes code, helps you and your team take ownership of monitoring.

Why does exist?

There are many great monitoring platforms already in the market so why create another one?

Existing platforms offer great features, and is not designed to completely replace them. In fact, compliments a lot of these monitoring platforms very well.

Do you recognise any of these challenges in your own code or team?

  • The monitoring you have in place raises too many alerts, so everyone ignores them?
  • Your team releases new code without any monitoring?
  • There are too many places you have to check to know that everything is ok?
  • The one person that put monitoring in place has left your team?
  • The best monitoring solutions are too expensive for you system?
  • You need a DevOps team to create and use your monitoring?

Monitor First Development

With you can make monitoring part of your development process. Just like writing tests, going through QA, or writing clean code, adopting a Monitoring First approach to development means that you can ensure al your business and other valuable logic is monitored, not only from the moment you release your code in to production,] but also during the development process itself.

The creators of set out to build something that gave a lot of value to anyone that writes code, but required no training to use and no permissions to install or use.

How does it work?

The thinking behind the creation of is that almost anything that can go wrong with a computer program can be identified by a few key factors:

  • A piece of code is running slower or faster than it normally does
  • Some code that normally runs appears to have gone missing
  • The code is throwing exceptions
  • A number related to the code is trending up or down or has anomalies
    • ie: the size or rows of data, output of a function, accuracy of a model

Based on the above, was designed to make it possible to track these things in any program with almost no effort needed by the person writing the code. Check out our development guide here to see how to do this.

When to use

The simple answer, whenever you are writing code.

Where to start? is extremely simple to use, check out our development guide here.